First Communion Retreat

May 7, 2018

The First Communion retreat was held on Saturday, April 28th in the Parish Hall.  The children were involved in many activities throughout the day but the biggest hit of the day was making bread from scratch.  We added ingredients, mixed and kneaded the dough then practiced for the First Communion Mass while it raised.  We beat it down again and added cinnamon and sugar to create Monkey Bread. 

After a great lunch of pizza and soft drinks. we played games and had a great laugh trying to carry shaving cream filled balloons with giant push pins.  Poor Emery got every balloon popped on him but it was a pretty clean mess.  We put together banners to decorate the church for the Mass on May 5th.

The day ended with all of the children and their parents attending the 4:00 Mass.  Father blessed the bread we made and then blessed scapulars that were given to the children and to their parents. 

It was a long and wild day but we had fun and learned a lot.  Everyone went home tired and eager to taste their home made bread.



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