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Back to Normal!

Posted by Deb Callahan on 7/08/21

Getting Back to Normal

A joyful Father Phil marches in procession at the beginning of Mass. This was the first Sunday with    apparent back to normal protocols taking place. Procession with Altar Servers, Lector, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion; Collections, and full capacity availability for all Masses.

Praise God!!

New Beginnings

Posted by Deb Callahan on 7/08/21

It has been a rough year for everyone, including the Church.  We have said goodbye to friends and relatives effected by the pandemic and lost many hours inside our beloved Sanctuary.  We have truly weathered the storm and are ready to return to what can effectively be called the ... Read More »

Parish Hall is now available for special occasions

Posted by Deb Callahan on 7/08/21